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MARCH 2019
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ABBEY 2D Cargo Van Regina
ABERDEEN 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
ABERNETHY T, TH 3 Ton Regina
ADANAC 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
ADMIRAL 2 Cube Van Regina
AIR RONGE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
ALAMEDA 2D Cargo Van Regina
ALVENA 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
ALLAN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
ANEROID 2D Cube Van Regina
ANNAHEIM 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
ARBORFIELD 2D Car Saskatoon
ARCOLA 2D Cargo Van Regina
ARDILL 1 Mini-van Regina
ASQUITH M,W,F Mini-van Saskatoon
ASSINIBOIA 1 Mini-van Regina
AVONLEA 2D Car Regina
BALCARRES 1 3 Ton Regina
BALDWINTON T, TH Mini-van Saskatoon
BALGONIE 1 Cube Van Regina
BATTLEFORD 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
BEADLE M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
BEATTY 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
BEECHY 2D Car Saskatoon
BELLE PLAINE 1 Cube Van Regina
BENSON 1 Cube Van Regina
BERTWELL 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
BETHUNE 1 Cargo Van Regina
BEVERLEY 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
BIENFAIT 2D Cargo Van Regina
BIGGAR 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
BIG RIVER 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
BIRCH HILLS 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
BJORKDALE 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
BLADWORTH 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
BLAINE LAKE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
BLUMENHOF 2 Cube Van Regina
BOHARM 2D Cube Van Regina
BORDEN 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
BRACKEN 2 Cube Van Regina
BRADWELL 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
BRANCEPETH 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
BROADVIEW 1 Cargo Van Regina
BROCK M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
BRODERICK 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
BROWNLEE 2D Car Regina
BRUNO 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
BUCHANAN 2D Cargo Van Regina
BUENA VISTA M,W,F Cargo Van Regina
BURROWS 1 Cargo Van Regina
BURSTALL W Cargo Van Regina
BULYEA 2D Car Regina
BUSHILL PARK 1 Cargo Van Regina
CABRI 2D Cargo Van Regina
CADILLAC 2D Cube Van Regina
CANDIAC 1 Cargo Van Regina
CANORA 2D Cargo Van Regina
CANWOOD 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
CARIEVALE 2D Cargo Van Regina
CARLYLE 2D Cargo Van Regina
CARMEL 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
CARMICHEAL 2D Cube Van Regina
CARNDUFF 2D Cargo Van Regina
CARON 2D Cube Van Regina
CARONPORT 2D Cube Van Regina
CARRAGANA 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
CARROT RIVER 2D Car Saskatoon
CEYLON 2D Car Regina
CHAPLIN 2D Cube Van Regina
CHELAN 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
CHOICELAND 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
CHRISTOPHER LAKE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
CHURCHBRIDGE 2D Cargo Van Regina
CLAIR 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
CLAVET 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
CLIMAX 2 Cube Van Regina
COCHIN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
CODETTE 2D Car Saskatoon
COLEVILLE M, W Cargo Van Saskatoon
COLONSAY 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
CONGRESS 1 Cube Van Regina
CONSUL T, TH Cargo Van Regina
COPPERSANDS 1 Cargo Van Regina
CORINNE 1 Car Regina
CORONACH 2D Car Regina
CRAIK 2D Car Regina
CRAVEN T, TH Cargo Van Regina
CREELMAN 1 Cube Van Regina
CROOKED RIVER 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
CUDWORTH T,Th Cargo Van Saskatoon
CUPAR T, F Cargo Van Regina
CUTKNIFE T, Th Mini-van Saskatoon
DAFOE 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
DALMENY 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
D'ARCY M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
DAVIDSON 2D Car Saskatoon
DAVIN 1 Cargo Van Regina
DEBDEN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
DEER VALLEY T,TH Cargo Van Regina
DELISLE M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
DELMAS 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
DENHOLM 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
DENZIL 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
DILKE 2 Cargo Van Regina
DISLEY M,W,TH Cargo Van Regina
DIXON 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
DODSLAND M Cargo Van Saskatoon
DOLLARD 2 Cube Van Regina
DUCK LAKE 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
DUFF 1 3 Ton Regina
DUNDURN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
DYSART T, F Cargo Van Regina
EASTEND 2 Cube Van Regina
EATONIA T,TH Car Saskatoon
EBENEZER 2D Cargo Van Regina
EDAM 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
ELDERSLEY 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
ELFROS 2D Cargo Van Regina
ELROSE 2D  Car Saskatoon
ELSTOW 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
EMERALD PARK 1 Cargo Van Regina
ENDEAVOUR 2D Cargo Van Regina
ENGELFELD 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
ERNFOLD 1 Cube Van Regina
ESK 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
ESTERHAZY 2D Cargo Van Regina
ESTEVAN 1 Cube Van Regina
ESTON 2D Car Saskatoon
EVESHAM 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
EYEBROW 2D Car Regina
FAIRLIGHT 1 Car Regina
FENWOOD 2D Cargo Van Regina
FERLAND 2 Cube Van Regina
FIELDING 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
FILLMORE 1 Cargo Van Regina
FINDLATER 1 Cargo Van Regina
FISKE M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
FOAM LAKE  2D Cargo Van Regina
FORGET 2D Cargo Van Regina
FORT QU'APPELLE 1 3 Ton Regina
FOXFORD 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
FOX VALLEY 2D Cube Van Regina
FRANCIS 1 Cargo Van Regina
FREEMONT 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
FROBISHER 2D Cargo Van Regina
FRONTIER 2 Cube Van Regina
GAINSBOROUGH 2D Cargo Van Regina
GALLIVAN T,TH Mini-van Saskatoon
GARRICK 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
GERALD 2D Cargo Van Regina
GIRVIN 2D Car Regina
GLASLYN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
GLENAVON 1 Cargo Van Regina
GLENBAIN W Cube Van Regina
GLENEWEN 2D Cargo Van Regina
GLENTWORTH 2 Cube Van Regina
GLIDDEN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
GOODEVE 2D Cargo Van Regina
GORLITZ 2D Cargo Van Regina
GRAND COULEE 1 Cube Van Regina
GRANDORA M,W,F Mini-van Saskatoon
GRASSWOOD 1 Mini-van Saskatoon
GRAVELBOURG 1 Mini-van Regina
GRENFELL 1 Cargo Van Regina
GRIFFIN 2 Cube Van Regina
GRONLID 2D Car Saskatoon
GUERNSEY 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
GULL LAKE 2D Cube Van Regina
HAFFORD 2D Car Saskatoon
HAGUE 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
HALBRITE 1 Car Regina
HANLEY 2D Car Saskatoon
HARRIS M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
HATFIELD 1 Cargo Van Regina
HAWARDAN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
HAZEL DELL 2D Mini-van Regina
HAZLET 2 Mini-van Regina
HEPBURN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
HERBERT 2D Cube Van Regina
HEWARD 2 Cube Van Regina
HIGH GATE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
HITCHCOCK 1 Car Regina
HODGEVILLE 2 Cube Van Regina
HOLDFAST 1 Cargo Van Regina
HUBBARD 2D Cargo Van Regina
HUDSON BAY 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
HUMBOLDT 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
IMPERIAL 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
INDIAN HEAD 1 Cargo Van Regina
INSINGER 2D Cargo Van Regina
INVERMAY 2D Mini-van Regina
ITUNA 2D Cargo Van Regina
JANSEN 2D Cargo Van Regina
JASMIN 2D Cargo Van Regina
KAMSACK 2D Cargo Van Regina
KANDAHAR 2D Cargo Van Regina
KEELER 2D Car Regina
KELLIHER 2D Cargo Van Regina
KELVINGTON 2D Mini-van Regina
KENASTON 2D Car Saskatoon
KENDAL 1 Cargo Van Regina
KENNEDY 2 Cargo Van Regina
KERROBERT 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
KILLALY 2D 3 Ton Regina
KINCAID 2 Cargo Van Regina
KINDERSLEY 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
KINISTINO 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
KINLEY M,W,F Mini-van Saskatoon
KIPLING 1 Cargo Van Regina
KISBEY 2D Cargo Van Regina
KRONAU 1 Cargo Van Regina
KUROKI 2D Mini-van Regina
KYLE 2D Car Saskatoon
LAC VERT 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LAFLECHE 1 Mini-van Regina
LAJORD 1 Cube Van Regina
LAKE LENORE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LAMPMAN 2D Cargo Van Regina
LANCER 2D Cargo Van Regina
LANDIS 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LANG 1 Cube Van Regina
LANGBANK 2 Cargo Van Regina
LANGENBURG 2D Cargo Van Regina
LANGHAM 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
LANIGAN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
LA RONGE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
LASHBURN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LAURA M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
LEADER 2D Cargo Van Regina
LEASK 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
LEMBERG 2D 3 Ton Regina
LEMSFORD 2D Mini-van Regina
LEOVILLE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
LEROSS 2D Cargo Van Regina
LESTOCK 2 Cargo Van Regina
LIBERTY 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
LIEBENTHAL 2D Cargo Van Regina
LIMERICK 1 Cube Van Regina
LINTLAW 2D Mini-van Regina
LIPSETT 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LIPTON 1 Cargo Van Regina
LOON LAKE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LOREBURN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
LOVE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
LUCKY LAKE 2D Car Saskatoon
LUMSDEN 1 Cargo Van Regina
LUSELAND 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MACDOWALL 1 Cargo Van Regina
MACKLIN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MACOUN 1 Car Regina
MAIDSTONE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MAKWA 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MANITOU BEACH 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
MANKOTA 2 Cube Van Regina
MANOR 2D Cargo Van Regina
MAPLE CREEK 2D Cube Van Regina
MARCELIN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MARGO 2D Cargo Van Regina
MARKINCH T, F Cargo Van Regina
MARQUIS 2D Car Regina
MARSHALL 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MARTENSVILLE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
MARYSBURG 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MAYMONT 1 Mini-van Saskatoon
MCCORD 2 Cube Van Regina
MCGEE M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
MCLEAN 1 Cargo Van Regina
MCTAGGART 1 Cube Van Regina
MEACHAM 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
MEADOW LAKE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
MEATHPARK 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MELFORT  1 Cube Van Saskatoon
MELVILLE 1 3 Ton Regina
MENDHAM 2 Cargo Van Regina
MEOTA 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MERVIN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
MESKANAW 1 Cube VAn Saskatoon
MIDALE 1 Car Regina
MIKAD0 2D Cargo Van Regina
MILDRED 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
MILESTONE 1 Cube Van Regina
MISTATIM 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
MONTMARTRE 1 Cargo Van Regina
MOOSE JAW 1 Cube Van Regina
MOOSOMIN 1 Cargo Van Regina
MORSE 2D Cube Van Regina
MORTLACH 1 Cube VAn Regina
MOSSBANK 1 Mini-van Regina
MOZART 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
MUENSTER 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
NAICAM 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
NETHERHILL M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
NEUDORF 2D 3 Ton Regina
NEVILLE 2 Cube Van Regina
NIPAWIN 2D Car Saskatoon
NOKOMIS 1 Cargo Van Regina
NORQUAY 2D Cargo Van Regina
NORTH BATTLEFORD 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
NUT MOUNTAIN 2D Cargo Van Regina
OAKSHELA 2 Cargo Van Regina
ODESSA 1 Cargo Van Regina
OGEMA 2D Cargo Van Regina
OKLA 2D Mini-van Regina
OSAGE 1 Cube Van Regina
OSLER 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
OUTLOOK 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
ORKNEY 2 Cube Van Regina
OXBOW 2D Cargo Van Regina
PALO 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PAMBRUN W Cube Van Regina
PARADISE HILL 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PARKBEG 2 Cube Van Regina
PARKSIDE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PATHLOW 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PAYNTON 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PEEBLES 1 Cargo Van Regina
PELLY 2D Cargo Van Regina
PENNANT 2 Cargo Van Regina
PENSE 1 Cube Van Regina
PENZANCE 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
PERCIVAL 1 Cargo Van Regina
PERDUE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PETERSON  1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
PIAPOT 2D Cube Van Regina
PILOT BUTTE 1 Cargo Van Regina
PLEASANTDALE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
PLENTY M, W Cargo Van Saskatoon
PLUNKETT 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
PONTEIX 2 Cube Van Regina
PORTREEVE 2D Cargo Van Regina
PORCUPINE PLAIN 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
PRAIRIE RIVER 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
PREECEVILLE 2D Cargo Van Regina
PRELATE 2D Cube Van Regina
PRIMATE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
PRINCE ALBERT 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
PRUD'HOMME T, TH Cube Van Saskatoon
PUNNICHY 1 Cargo Van Regina
QU'APPELLE 1 Cargo Van Regina
QUILL LAKE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
QUINTON 1 Cargo Van Regina
RADISSON 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
RADVILLE 2D Cube Van Regina
RAMA 2D Cargo Van Regina
RAYMORE 1 Cargo Van Regina
RED JACKET 1 Cargo Van Regina
REDVERS 2D Cargo Van Regina
REGINA 1 All Types Regina
REGINA BEACH M,W,F Cargo Van Regina
RESOURCE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
RICHARDSON 1 Cube Van Regina
RICHMOUND W Cargo Van Regina
ROKEBY 2D Cargo Van Regina
ROSETOWN 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
ROSTHERN 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
ROULEAU 2D Car Regina
RUDDELL 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
RUSH LAKE 2D Cube VAn Regina
SALTCOATS 2D Cargo Van Regina
SALVADOR 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SASKATOON 1 All Types Saskatoon
SCEPTRE 2D Cargo Van Regina
SCOUT LAKE 2D Car Regina
SEDLEY 1 Cube Van Regina
SEMANS 1 Cargo Van Regina
SHACKLETON 2 Cargo Van Regina
SHAUNAVON 2D Cube Van Regina
SHEHO 2D Cargo Van Regina
SHELLBROOK 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
SHELL LAKE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
SHIPMAN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SILTON 2D Car Regina
SILVER PARK 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SIMPSON 1 Mini-van Saskatoon
SINTALUTA 1 Cargo Van Regina
SMEATON 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SNIPE LAKE 2D Car Saskatoon
SNOWDEN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SOMME 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
SOUTHEY 1 Cargo Van Regina
SPALDING  2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SPRINGSIDE 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
SPRUCE LAKE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
SPRUCEHOME 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
SPYHILL 2D Cargo Van Regina
ST. BRIEUX M, W, F Mini-van Saskatoon
ST. DENIS 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
ST. GREGOR 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
ST. WALBURG 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
STALWART 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
STARCITY 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
STENEN 2D Cargo Van Regina
STORTHOAKS 2D Cargo Van Regina
STOUGHTON 1 Car Regina
STURGIS 2D Cargo Van Regina
SUCCESS 2 Cargo Van Regina
SUMMERBERRY 1 Cargo Van Regina
SWIFT CURRENT 1 Cube Van Regina
TESSIER M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
THEODORE 2D Cargo Van Regina
TISDALE 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
TOMPKINS 2D Cube Van Regina
TUGASKE 2D Car Regina
TURTLEFORD 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
TUXFORD 2D Car Regina
TYVAN 1 Cube Van Regina
UNITY 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
VAL MARIE 2 Cube Van Regina
VALPARAISO 2D Cube Van Saskatoon
VANGUARD W Cube Van Regina
VANSCOY M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
VANTAGE 1 Cube Van Regina
VAWN 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
VERIGIN    2D Cargo Van Regina
VIBANK 1 Cargo Van Regina
VISCOUNT 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WADENA 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WAKAW 1 Cube Van Saskatoon
WALDECK 2D Cube Van Regina
WALDHEIM 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WAPELLA 1 Cargo Van Regina
WARMAN 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
WASECA 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
WASKESIU 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WATROUS 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WATSON 1 Cargo Van Saskatoon
WAUCHOPE 2D Cargo Van Regina
WAWOTA 2 Car Regina
WEBB 2D Cube Van Regina
WEEKES 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WEIRDALE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
WELDON 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
WEYAKWIN 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
WEYBURN 1 Cube Van Regina
WHITE CITY 1 Cargo Van Regina
WHITE FOX 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
WHITEWOOD 1 Cargo Van Regina
WILCOX 2D Car Regina
WILKIE 2D Mini-van Saskatoon
WINDTHORST 1 Cargo Van Regina
WOLSELEY 1 Cargo Van Regina
WYMARK 2D Cube Van Regina
WYNYARD 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
YARBO 2D Cargo Van Regina
YELLOW CREEK 1 Cube VAn Saskatoon
YELLOWGRASS  1 Cube Van Regina
YORKTON 1 3 Ton Regina
YOUNG 2D Cargo Van Saskatoon
ZEALANDIA M,W,F Cargo Van Saskatoon
ZELMA 2 Cargo Van Saskatoon

Head Office - Regina
606 Henderson Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4N 5X3
General Inquiries
- 306-569-9300

Corporate Sales
Ron Coutts


Billing and new account inquiries
Cathy Shaw